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We were born, we grew up, what followed was a series of unimprotant encounters, until ...

Smart Analytics in a box.

“Augment Analytics” and “Autonomous Analytics” are the latest buzzwords used for the next generation of Business Intelligence. 

Collectively we call this Smart Analytics and Smartlytics – the solution we are launching – offers advanced and autonomous analysis of business data to achieve data-informed operations, per-employee tailored decision-support and to power the truly personalized service and the “always on” relationship today’s customers demand and deserve.

Sure, some of it involves machine learning, artificial intelligence and some other ground-breaking and buzzword-riddled stuff but most of it is plain-old-data-science in addition to a solid data strategy and automation.

With Smartlytics you can instantly turn streaming business data into actionable intelligence, crafted visualizations & effective automation.

Want to join, try or know more?

Smartlytics is operating in the infamous and startup-friendly "stealth mode" but since we are seriously bad at that - mostly because we really like talking about the amazing things we are doing and getting interesting companies to kick our tires mercilessly - we decided to allow all those (even mildly) interested to join our inner circle.

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