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"How's business going to be like today?"

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Sounds a bit off, doesn't it, but in today's world, we have complex forecasting all around us, weather, geology, animal migration patterns, ocean currents, heck, we even have space-weather forecasts these days!

All of the above are based on multivariate analyses of observed numerical data, which then are used to train and build models that try their best to predict the future. The more accurate and comprehensive data, the better forecasts, agreed?

Good. Now, there was an interesting phenomenon at the beginning of the 2020 COVID pandemic. For some reason, in some areas, weather forecasts began to deteriorate, and the reason was simple, the forecasting models didn't have the same data resolution that they were used to. The reason being that in areas of the world meteorological institutions rely on observed data from commercial aircraft to increase the resolution of their data and thus more accurately predict the weather.

We use numerical methods such as statistical mechanics to predict the behaviour of large datasets, the traditional observational scientists, such as meteorologists, biologists, economists and physicists have been using and streamlining these numerical methods for centuries and, until recently, were the only ones with the training to utilise these tools. Now we have a new breed of observational scientist eagerly churning away at data gathered from the world of human interactions, also known as "The Business World", the professionals observing, gathering and utilising these "business phenomena" are the data scientists and business analysts we hear so much about today.

Todays Business Forecast

This brings me to the headline. Today who have countless sources of high resolution, quality data that are observations of the business world, be it consumer behaviour, financial environments or even the political landscape in the area. All of these are business phenomena that can and will influence the world you conduct your affairs in.

A comprehensive data set would allow you predict with a new level of accuracy how to conduct your business and where to focus your efforts. Cutting everything from utility costs to inventory down by a sizeable margin just because you know when and where to strike. This has thus far only been an option for the largest conglomerates in the world since enormous resources are needed to get in the game.

An Open, Smarter Future

Our sincere belief is that power like this shouldn't be in the hands of a select few, that open democratised data are a way towards a fairer, more sustainable world.

However part of the problem is that these data are scattered, not only with regard to where you can access them but also in terms of metrics and resolution, costing these new mavericks of the data frontier countless hours gathering, cleaning and preparing the data they desperately need to apply their trade.

With Quick Lookup we aim to attack that problem head-on by seamlessly integrating a streamlined, curated source of these observations into the tools these new observational scientists already use and love.

Our mission is to bring data to the masses culminating in a world where questions like "How's business going to be like today?" aren't meaningless jargon.

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