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Nordic Startup Awards

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Positive feedback is always fun!

Last year, Quick Lookup was also nominated for an award as the best new sprout, but then we were so new that I found it almost uncomfortable.

Now, a year later, We find it fantastic and admit that we feel we have earned the recognition that goes with the nomination. (Whether we have become worthy of the award is another matter.)

Not everyone understands the importance of making (world) data accessible or the enormous differences that exist between companies today in using it. The growing disparity, artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution will - in our opinion - simply determine which companies will be competitive in the near future and which companies will go under.

Ensuring equal access to data and making sure that small and medium-sized enterprises can use it in the same way as the giant companies - which have entire departments that do nothing but gather and make data accessible and usable - are worthy challenges that we aspire to tackle

<begin - tech-jargon> Among those who work in business and operational intelligence, it is fashionable to talk about data-driven operations and data-driven decisions. Few people use this term, however, seem to realize that "data-driven decision" and "data-driven decision" are nowhere near the same thing.

A company that can look at its data as well as detailed data about the entire business environment, the value chain and the production chain is in a completely different position to make data-driven decisions than smaller parties that almost exclusively look their at internal data. However, both can rightly claim that they have made a data-driven decision. (more on this later) </end - tech-jargon>

Thank you!

We will do our best to meet or exceed expectations

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